So picture this...

After years of being tired and uninspired by boring fashion, we started designing and creating kick ass clothes that we and our friends wanted to wear.

Starting out as a passion project selling locally to friends, little did we know at the time that something much bigger was starting to unfold as demand for our distinctive designs grew and grew.

Afterhrs Men Skate All Day Oversized T-Shirt goes live

Realising we were onto something special we set out to design a brand with a unique style and a sense of fun at its core.

In 2023 the website officially launched selling our designs across the UK, Europe and US with more and more markets being added.

Afterhrs Angel Logo Boxy Hoodie

We Style your AfterHrs Life

We are all about those moments in your life, when the work stops, and the fun begins.

This is what after-hrs means.

Whether you're hitting up your friends for a drink, lounging on the beach, clubbing, or simply chilling at home watching a movie or playing a kick ass video game.

We style these moments in your life that mean the most to you.